Monday, April 22, 2013


I performed another eyebrow tint and until I perfect that service than I will be doing it free of charge for anyone interested. At school I use the Intensive brand but when it comes to house calls I use the tinting kits from Godefroy for eyebrows. For the eyelash tinting that will be for special requests only with appointments made at least four days in advance.

I do eyelash tinting and love doing eyebrow tinting because of the amazing results. If anyone is interested in have me host a "Tinting" party than let me know. Contact email is and there is so much to look forward to.

The right eyebrow is thinner than the left one.

left brow before

After: Left brow looking like perfection

After: More bolder and fuller looking eyebrows

Up close tint in Medium Brown color
Another example and not my photo

Another example and not my photo

Not my photo and this is what the process looks like while the lashes are being colored.

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