Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 2

For Friday I did really well but I can really feel and see how this challenge I am putting my body through is reacting. I am actually putting myself through a lot and can compare myself to a addict going into withdrawal with my addiction being sugars. I did pretty well and had a great lunch at Tuscana West choosing only from the soups which is okay to have since the ingredients are only olive oil, vegetables and herb seasonings. 

I had the Minestrone soup blended and than the Pappa al Pomodoro without the diced bread that was all about the tomatoes. When it comes to vitamin C and getting some extra filling on this fast nothing compares to Tomatoes. There are the V8 juices that are tomatoes based which is good , but nothing compares to having a nice warm soup.

Going through my second day of fasting I can admit I seem kind of fatigued were there was actually noticable bags under my eyes which is not usual for me. Now I realize that not only are cucumbers good grinded in my drink but I can use a slice on both of my eyes.

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