Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 14

For the past week my fast has been amazing and very fulfilling in ways that I did not expect. I learn how great of a vegetable Corn is and especially in the form of soup, which I had a bowl of Creamy Corn soup from the Souper Girl which was one of the heaviest soups I've had. Besides from the the usual water, juices and smoothies I have had some pretty awesome soups. The flavors of Split Pea Soup and Black Bean from Dr.McDougall's products was very satisfying and wonderful for any practicing vegans. 

This weak has been very interesting so much that I had a craving for grits, and with this fast I really love all the greatness of cornmeal, which in Italian culture it is known as polenta. I was loving how wonderful grits and corn period can be for my fasting challenge. When it comes to adding extra flavor to soups that may taste water downed hot sauce has been the perfect addition to my meals.

grits with butter


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