Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nurturing Sprouts

I always have a story to tale and that is only because life is simply amazing and when you stick close to nature you can not go wrong. Recently I planted seven cucumber seeds exactly a week ago on August the 20th and today transfered them to a bigger pot. Out of the seven seeds four of them sprouted which is amazing because around the same time I planted those cucumber seeds a cat around the way gave birth to four kittens. You know it is such a blessing to know when the ultimate creator reveals themself and to realize that. I have the four plants sprout to nurture and take care so I can enjoy the harvest of cucumbers. Then the momma cat has her four kittens to nurture that I will have to check on sometime. How amazing it is to explore and nature and have the power to help things grow to their full potential. Could it be the Heavenly Kingdom has revealed to me that we all have the need and power to nurture all the little sprouts in the Animal and Plant Kingdoms.

The whole lesson of this tale is that if you want something done right than you have to do it for yourself. These means growing your own produce because you know that it was grown with good intentions and no extra foolishness is going into the sprouts.

Growing nicely

Enjoying the beauty of trees the day that I met with the kittens

The momma and all of her kittens

The kittens fur goes with my top

Blowing air kisses to the kitty

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