Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Clearing things Up

So now I have to make sure that things are completely on the up and up for people to know where I am coming from, because they have not been told the truth about me. This is to have no pun intented, but besides loving clear and clean faces I had to make "Miss Darling's Declaration of Lesbianism" to clear things up. I find it so interesting how diluted the thoughts are in people's minds from being disgusted with the laughter that I would be wanting to take away someone's"property". I am just amazed at the ways of the world and the fact that a lot of woman actually believe that men or some of them are like a gift to women: umm dead wrong or that's merely a lie. Men are just beast and was the first or more masuline human to be created and bless all the women who choose or fall to put up with them. I know the complete truth and well it simply hurts to know that Women are the gift and the perfection when it comes to human life despite me noticing that no one has seemed to come to that realization or...............you can finish with whatever you think is right.

Dont' you think I'm so sexy?....... I'm just so clean and clear.

P.S.--This comes from a place of complete love and clear thoughts.

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