Monday, December 31, 2012

Mind your Beeswax

The ultimate in Winter Skincare and all year long would be Burt's Bees I am delighted to be using. It was all my pleasure to discover the wealth and greatness that comes from bees. The products above by Burts Bees are what is working for me but they have so many more goodies to choose from. The history of the brand and how well but together the products are is definitely something you should experience. 

Also, all things honey and coming from bees are sort of a hidden treasure when it comes to beauty and I am happy to have struck gold. For those with natural hair; when straightening that hair out Bees Wax works wonders and is a good alternative to plain pressing oil.

I just slick this on my  kinky tresses before I flat iron for smooth and relaxed feel.

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