Monday, December 10, 2012

Moisturizing Alternative

I discovered a new way  to shave my legs, resulting in  silky smooth skin on my legs and entire body. The whole catch is that no shaving cream is needed which tends to have a lot of unneeded and unnatural ingredients.

This whole process was started with a nice bath composed of warm water, Vaseline Moisturizing Bath Beads with Vitamin E along with grape-seed oil.  This experience has given my skin proper care and much needed tender, love and care. The great thing about these products is that they are inexpensive and every time you shave your legs you can attempt this with the same wonderful results. You don't necessarily have to use the same Bath Beads I used or oil because there are other options but this is the combination that worked for me.

Before I actually started to shave I allowed myself to soak up in the moisture of my bathwater. Just to relax and reflect in the bathtub and have the natural oils get into my skin is important for a effortless shave. The greatest thing about this is that a foamy shaving cream was not getting in the way of my serenity. Also, a super moisturizing bath like this is not hurtful on the pockets. What type of razor you use is on you but I use the Schick Quatro for women.

In the event that you do try this, you will have richly moisturized skin with silky, hairless legs. The point of this is to make you realize shaving cream is a waste when it comes to achieving legs free of hair and dryness. This experience is definitely safe for the sensitive skin types.

I hope you become mesmerized by this ultimate alternative to having moisturized shaved legs. 

If you try this "Moisturizing Alternative" than share with me how the skin on your legs feel.

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