Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tip # 1

Today I was asked about getting rid of under eye circles and my first reaction was a honest "I don't know," because I can't claim to be a expert yet. Also, I'm not the one to front and give bad advice, but only what beauty and wellness regiments work for me.

However, I know that the techniques I have used have been using cucumber slices on my eyes while I let my mask sit or just let them rest over my eyes while I lay in the bathtub. Also, I have used gel masks and fallen asleep with them on because it's that rejuvenating.  There  have been times I lay in bed relaxing with cucumbers on my eyes just to unwind and to prevent all of the things that may go wrong to the sensitive area around the eyes.

After this question that was raised, I did some research and  found a solid solution from www.LiveStrong.com which is a great website to go to for nutrition advice and health related topics.

If life is very stressful for you or just in need of treating those under eyes in a natural way; I see no harm in indulging your eyes in a cooling ritual everyday. You deserve to be treated with care and love so do yourself this favor and try it once. If one of these remedies work than make this apart of your daily routine in the morning or at night.

Number one on the list was cucumbers which is what I have done for years or just have picked it up because naturally I just intuitively know it would help and thanks to TV and movies.

Number two on the list is  tea bags which was a delightful discovery since I love tea bags.

Number three on the list which I would not have thought of, ***drumroll*** egg whites.

The complete details can be found here http://www.livestrong.com/article/256932-home-remedies-for-puffy-bags-under-eyes/

MORE on how to get rid of the puffiness.....


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