Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Clearing things Up.....

The population that I want to really cater to would be women, especially those mothers who go at it alone or even the ones with a spouse because they give so much of themselves. I want to be able to replenish women and have them feeling and seeing themselves in a positive state while refining their skin.

Also, to be correct I want to state that men are really a huge focus because they need as much balance as they can get. There should not be a sense of entitlement greater than actually having an attitude of gratitude. All I want to do is provide treatments for the skin, but more than anything the soul. 

You are beautiful and every single last part of you is beautiful and we all need balance and to pamper ourselves.

Everyone is welcome and I will work with as long as there are no signs of Contagious Diseases that can be viewed on the face, back or areas that waxing take place. 

Infectious and Communicable Diseases:

1. Pink Eye

2. Herpes simplex virus I

3. Genital Herpes

4. Shingles

5. Impetigo

6. Tinea

7. Ringworm

8. Warts (this is a exception because I can wear gloves)

P.S.- If you are infected with any of these please see a doctor.

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