Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lash Line

 Lately, I have made a attempt to wear false eyelashes which started for December. Honestly, I am not the best when it comes to applying them on myself but with others it is a easier task. My preference is natural lashes that grow out of your follicles but of course in the business of beauty you have to get artificial sometimes.  Here are two looks for me with one being more playful and pink, while the other was a little more dramatic  with neutral tones. The first look was more colorful with blush and pink lips while the other I had bronzey eye-shadow and shimmery lips. The secret weapon for my eyes were Ardell Double Up false eyelashes,  black mascara and dark pencil eyeliner. My face wasn't picture perfect ready to be published in a fashion magazine, especially in my daytime pink flushed look.  All pictures of me taken with camera phone and it's all bout the lash lines.

"Cashmere" lipstick

Cargo Essential palette in "Bronze"

The secret weapon to fuller eyelashes for a extra effect.
Lipstick by Wet N Wild "Think Pink"
Daily commute on the train
Creme Blush used in my playful daytime look.

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