Friday, March 29, 2013

Illuminating Magazines...

Magazines that interest me and are overall more healthy for me would be "Health" magazines with no pun intended because they have practical information. It is of great importance to not only know about what is going on inside one's own body but what afflicts another person's body. I have my share of subscriptions to fashion magazines such as People, Essence, Cosmopolitan but my passion comes from focusing on the mind, body and spirit.

I love POZ magazine because it's more than "A Smart + Strong Publication", a vintage Real Health, and the Vitamin's Shoppe Amazing Wellness.

Facing the Music...

So recently I made a acting debut of some sorts in a wonderful artist and barber's music video, Rico Jerome. What I love about most of his songs is that there is a message or story being told. Rico Jerome is a joy to work with and his expressions are always poetic. This is a great time for the editing to be done right before National Poetry Month. I like to think that all of my content is appropriate for all ages and maturity levels although some of the images in this video can be semi-explicit, the songs touch on issues involving health. "Nocturnal Emissions" has to do with mental health among freely expressing sexuality. Of course sex is a natural part of life and has been scientifically proven as very beneficial to health when all safety precautions are taken. This is a link to 10 Benefits of Sex and don't get me wrong, I am not promoting the act. This is only natural and medical knowledge that should be known to mankind.

As a Esthetician matters of health are very important and I believe honesty is the best policy and Rico Jerome is honest in music which is what I love.You can find me in the second half of the video which is a story of a man who has been working hard, but very excited to come back to his lady who misses him so much that she is tired of waiting for his late arrival. (Oh and how you loving my epidermis and make-up?)

Brows-ing emotions

This past Tuesday I waxed and tinted my eyebrows after letting them grow for four weeks since February 24th. My eyebrows came out wonderful and I did a good job for shaping them on my own. I believe that the eyebrows can make or break the face because they help frame the face. The eyebrows are to a face what a frame is to a painting or picture. What a week it has been in learning and human relations that has been full of so much emotion and movements filled with madness. Guest appreciation day was interesting and was perfect to kick off to celebrating Earth Month at Aveda and beyond.

Nothing compares to nice full eyebrows.

The brow tint in Brown gives the brows some extra boldness and definition that I love.

In living color....

Monday, March 25, 2013

Studious Sunday celebrating Hair creativity

I had the pleasure and honor of attending the Bennett Career Institute 2013 Annual Reunion show. The creativity of all of the students presentation and the dancers performances made for such a great show. I was completely inspired by all of the good energy and how well each sequence was put together. Big up to everyone at the Bennett Career Institute and the wonderful sponsor, Softsheen-Carson whose products I have used. Here are some photos taken by talented student Jason Bowman who also is the man with Privilege Photography. 

These legwarmers are definitely giving me some 80's fun and flirty type of look.

I was going for a playful kind of vibe to my outfit and side ponytail. Spring time saying goodbye to the winter time that still wants to stay.

Good Example

I recently, worked with Tami S. Hayes, a very talented musician and fitness instructor  from Ohio. Miss Hayes received  a thirty minute facial and eyebrow tint with me using Godefroy Tint Kit for spot coloring in Medium Brown. Check out all of the products offered by Godefroy beauty

To find out more about Miss Hayes Fierce Fitness you can check out  her website here. What a great session and she was a wonderful client for a student like me. I love the results and if you check out Miss Hayes website to see a photo of her than you will see the difference of how she looked before. What a magical experience with eyebrow tinting and many more are to come.

On my way to make a house call to Tami Hayes with my plaits freshly done.

After her facial and eyebrow tint you can see the shape and fullness of her  eyebrows.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Resort 2013 collection...

I decided to add something more to my services and that would be the Resort 2013 Collection which would be styling hair into plaits and french braids. The Resort 2013 service is Au natural and bringing the carefree hair that comes with that attitude of staying on the perfect resort on your dream vacation. Imagine Bo Dereck in the movie "10" or you as the tourist who will be taking a Island getaway or a part of some great indigenous African tribe. I present to you the Resort 2013 collection starring me rocking my long plaits achieved with Snake-N-Go hair by Freetress made of 100% Toyokalon hair which is the " World's Most Advanced Synthetic Hair" according to the package. Want some plaits with extensions just let me know, contact

My plaits and I got my illuminated face using Nars illuminator and tinted moisturizer combined together.

Face all done up with eyeshadow, blush, with brows filled in,  lipgloss and eyeliner.

On the train but with my plaits it's like I am on  a resort in a exotic foreign island.

Eyebrows tinted with Intensive color auburn to bring out the burgundy highlights and make eyebrows naturally fuller.

Picture these blue walls as the beautiful ocean and sky  viewed from the sands on the beach.

No edited photos taken from the camera phone.
Not my photo

Not my photo

Not my photo

Not my photo

Not my photo

Fun-filled days

At school I got the chance to work on guests for the first time on Tuesday and I did a eyebrow and lip wax as well as a eyebrow tint on Kelly McDonald. This past Thursday my guest, Ali Walsh filled me in to the fact that it is pie day and I took some before and after picture of these services I provided. It is interesting how both of these women stood out because they reminded me of celebrities, Miss McDonald resembles the mother from the retired show "Malcolm in the Middle" and Miss Walsh had a very cheerful energy. ( Just a side note when it comes to meeting new people or in general, I always love comparing people to a animal, public figure or character from a movie or show just because I like to keep things fun and interesting. After all everyone has a long lost twin somewhere in this world.) 

Both guests decided on getting a eyebrow tint as a service using the Intensive Professional Lash and Brow tinting with great results.

Before the eyebrow and lip wax

Notice that there is some redness left over after the lip wax.
After I did a little finishing touch adding some blush and Aveda lip shine in "Pomelo" which she coincidentally had in her purse.

Before tint using Intensive color in Middle Brown

All Aveda products used on my models face below for my assignment and fun times.

All about a clean true match coverage with liquid foundation, powder and blush.

All done up with lip shine, some blush, perfect match foundation and black eyeliner filling in the eyebrow. and lining the upper lash line. No mascara and then I covered up here mole.

This is the before with a clean fresh face which I love the most. Natural beauty with no cover up is the best thing.
On Tuesday, March 12th I did the makeup of my classmate using Aveda liquid foundation in Pebble and the powder foundation in Honey were the perfect match. There will be more fun-filled days ahead with more make-up applications, eyebrow tinting, back treatments, facials and services that Estheticians provide. Yes I am a work in progress with learning the correct protocol as well as perfecting my craft.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Art of Personal Space

The most important thing about everyone would be their "personal space" because we carry it everywhere. Another word would be vibes, energy and this can be very attractive or a repellent. Our personal space is like a magnetic field that surrounds us and when you pay attention you can recognize the energy and learn to respect that. The outermost energy or aura presented comes from our thoughts and third eye. Everyone is responsible for the energy and vibes carried out and is a huge influence to the bonds that are formed with people. A big misunderstanding or what people often make a problem is getting mad when they are unable to connect or keep a connection going another person.

The reality is that not everyone is going to get along and when a lasting impression has managed to be made between two auras that means they both were on the same wavelength. When people have vibes that don't mesh than their personal space will not be penetrated. Recently, I went to a Washington Wizards versus New York Knicks home game and I was in the Acela Club level by the bar. Evidently, I was not on the same wavelength as the lady sitting next to me because she told me to move over which shows that we had differences in energy levels and I respected her request. Being able to pick up on people's magnetic field can tell you a lot about them.

To keep the peace and love people for who they are it is important to respect their personal space. Even for those who live in the same household or consider each other family should respect one another's personal space. From day to day the vibes that we give off can vary in strength from how are body is doing and our higher self caused from feelings. It is quite and art to know if you can get close to someone and if it is even feasible. What it all comes down to is how you approach someone. When a stranger comes up to you or vice versa, it's not the end of the world that no bonds were formed. The best thing is to let go and let live. Kind of cliche but there are different strokes for different folks, and that's the true beauty of life.