Friday, March 29, 2013

Facing the Music...

So recently I made a acting debut of some sorts in a wonderful artist and barber's music video, Rico Jerome. What I love about most of his songs is that there is a message or story being told. Rico Jerome is a joy to work with and his expressions are always poetic. This is a great time for the editing to be done right before National Poetry Month. I like to think that all of my content is appropriate for all ages and maturity levels although some of the images in this video can be semi-explicit, the songs touch on issues involving health. "Nocturnal Emissions" has to do with mental health among freely expressing sexuality. Of course sex is a natural part of life and has been scientifically proven as very beneficial to health when all safety precautions are taken. This is a link to 10 Benefits of Sex and don't get me wrong, I am not promoting the act. This is only natural and medical knowledge that should be known to mankind.

As a Esthetician matters of health are very important and I believe honesty is the best policy and Rico Jerome is honest in music which is what I love.You can find me in the second half of the video which is a story of a man who has been working hard, but very excited to come back to his lady who misses him so much that she is tired of waiting for his late arrival. (Oh and how you loving my epidermis and make-up?)

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