Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun-filled days

At school I got the chance to work on guests for the first time on Tuesday and I did a eyebrow and lip wax as well as a eyebrow tint on Kelly McDonald. This past Thursday my guest, Ali Walsh filled me in to the fact that it is pie day and I took some before and after picture of these services I provided. It is interesting how both of these women stood out because they reminded me of celebrities, Miss McDonald resembles the mother from the retired show "Malcolm in the Middle" and Miss Walsh had a very cheerful energy. ( Just a side note when it comes to meeting new people or in general, I always love comparing people to a animal, public figure or character from a movie or show just because I like to keep things fun and interesting. After all everyone has a long lost twin somewhere in this world.) 

Both guests decided on getting a eyebrow tint as a service using the Intensive Professional Lash and Brow tinting with great results.

Before the eyebrow and lip wax

Notice that there is some redness left over after the lip wax.
After I did a little finishing touch adding some blush and Aveda lip shine in "Pomelo" which she coincidentally had in her purse.

Before tint using Intensive color in Middle Brown

All Aveda products used on my models face below for my assignment and fun times.

All about a clean true match coverage with liquid foundation, powder and blush.

All done up with lip shine, some blush, perfect match foundation and black eyeliner filling in the eyebrow. and lining the upper lash line. No mascara and then I covered up here mole.

This is the before with a clean fresh face which I love the most. Natural beauty with no cover up is the best thing.
On Tuesday, March 12th I did the makeup of my classmate using Aveda liquid foundation in Pebble and the powder foundation in Honey were the perfect match. There will be more fun-filled days ahead with more make-up applications, eyebrow tinting, back treatments, facials and services that Estheticians provide. Yes I am a work in progress with learning the correct protocol as well as perfecting my craft.

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