Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wild Week in Washington

What a wild and wacky past week it has been in DC to say the least bit. There were situations that involved spirits that wanted to cause a commontion of becoming weak just to be overcome by the enemy. How amazing to recognize the energy that people carry and that can be transfered over to someone else easily. In life we all have to stay strong so that we can not be overcome by the enemy that wants to cause turmoil and rather have everyone fight each other. I find it amazing all the energy that people were carrying just leading up to the Mrs. Carter tour.

This is how it is in every situation and scenario that plays out I am realizing. The key is to take a look outside of yourself when someone may threaten you or is evidently in bad spirits and you ask your self do I take the high road or just decide to be bad or let the negative energy transfer to you. I recently went through a situation like this that someone had the audacity to get mad at me because I had my legs cross and maybe that day just was not there's, so I ignored the bad spirit and meditate on this situation. Of course the wild intent of that someone passed and the energy must have been strong that the energy passed on to another causing commontion. I saw clear as day how people could let bad spirits take over them to disturb all the other passengers and of course I had to get off of that bus like many others. I felt threatened on the bus and well to the point that I wanted to get away from the person next to me but the bottom line is that I did get away from the confusion. Lesson from all of this as I reflect that God does work in mysterious ways and if we pay attention we really do have a lot to be thankful for.

From my wild and wacky week I am reminded that we can choose if we react with sugar or with more spice; but you really have to be prepared for all the possible outcomes that may feel bad or feel good. All of the past events including me undulging myself on some good eats has lead me up to my fast for major cleansing that is needed.

I have eaten lamb from one of my favorite spots to Lemon Pepper Catfish and Peach Cobbler from BSmith's. The last week of July has led up to my final choice in fasting with only drinking juices, smoothies and water to nourish my body.
Three tries to get things right, that's how my luck works out @ The Coupe and in life.

No more lamb, or seafood and vegetation for my cleanse.

Natural look for such a wicked week in Washington


All photos were taken by me and I am looking forward to August as a chance to shed some pounds from consuming so many toxins.

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