Friday, July 12, 2013

24/7 Freshness

Yes thank God that I am fresh and the fact it is Friday as well. This entry was really meant for my wellness Wednesdays but now is the perfect time to share in my great experience of discovering The Coupe located in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of DC. I was looking for a good place to eat at any day of the week and this is like a upscale diner that feels compfortable as though you could be at home. 

I looked at the menu and was amazed how everything was perfect for me to taste and try. Really I wanted to start of light so I just gravitated to the soups, salads and sides. The main dish for me was the Cucumber Salad and what really caught me was the ingredients of pickled Watermelon. I decided on the Mac & Cheese because I knew that something warm would be good but the best of that night was the Cucumber Salad with Red onion, jalapeño, mint, cilantro, tomato and yogurt brûlée which was so good. Overall, the ingredients are fresh and full enjoyment is guarenteed. Oh, and this is a kid friendly place because they also have movie nights on Mondays which I might catch sometime. 

A week later and I am sharing my wonderful experience that was completely natural feeling and I had no make-up on what so ever, only a moisturizer.

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