Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The latest book I have gotten into which I have heard about and even seen others reading has gone overlooked by me until now. The book is definitely interesting and I look forward to receiving the message to be received from the story. 

On the music side of things I love this song by "Alchemist" because life is quite a amazing journey with different strokes for different folks. Seeing a smile on someone's face definitely makes life more brighter. The magic of life is fufilling yor purpose while being able to be happy and enjoy oneself despite all the bulls#&t. Not only is Chemical Warfare going on, but spiritual as well and I love how this song came out before I moved up to the DC-Maryland-Virginia metropolitan area. Maybe life is all about finding our own treasure and making sure to leave some of the booty we found for others to enjoy and remember a solid legacy.

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