Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spiritual Awakening

Dear Darling beings ,

As I continue on my life journey there are many lessons I have learned and discoveries I have to share. When things are falling into place and we are enlightened it is like a outer body experience which I have from practicing meditation and following  my spirit which leads me to pure happiness.  Today I got the chance to understand what the third eye is all about and it is connected to the Pineal Gland which is located in the Crown Chakra. Here you can find more information on all seven Chakras.

One of the most important thing I am learning and have been aware of, is that mental health is key. The mind is a great part of the body and spirit (trinity) working to progress people in the circle of life. This video is very educational and opened me up to tapping into the power of my being. Pineal Gland is a Gateway. Our true self leads to what makes us truly happy without compromising out "trinity" mind, body and spirit. Anything that jeopardizes the true essence of your being should be left behind or simply shout out of your life. Letting go of all fears will allow any perceptions of pain to disappear from your mind because that is where all the power resides, always take care of the body and let that spirit of yours be your guide.

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