Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Art of Living

Recently, I went to a meditation session at Sri Sri Center for Peace and Meditation, 2401 15th Street NW Washington DC 20009 which was so wonderful; and the good thing about meditation is that you do not have to be a rocket science, only be able to breathe. Just to stop and pay attention to how you are breathing and feel that is the art of living. Just to take the time out to meditate and refocus on what you want and being aware of one's surroundings is a great feeling. As hot as it was today and I could feel the sun scorching on me I did not break a sweat and I am amazed at some of the progress around me.

So I see the flyer for Sri Sri Ravi Shankur Evening of Meditation at the Washington DC Convention Center which already past on April 2, 2013 but the good thing is knowing finding true peace comes from within. Here is more on all that you can enjoy with Meditation in the DMV area. From the Mayo Clinic this is what meditation is all about and when you learn the different techniques than you can stress less or not have any turmoil coming from all the energies people put out phase you. What peace and joy life brings when you can live above distracting influences to be well with serenity.

Naturally breathing and beautiful on a sunny day

Look to meet-up

What a wonderful Tuesday that past and I had the perfect look for a meet-up or going to a book signing. I had the chance to meet Alice Walker, the author of The Color Purple and other stories. I had quite a afternoon of waiting in line in hopes of hearing her read and than to get her to sign my wallet. I left happy with a photo of me and Alice Walker and her autograph.

For this signature look to stand out I used NARS satin lip in "Yu" and CoverGirl Queen collection in "jade".  I most definitely stood out more than I would have wanted because as I was in line people could see me taking pictures from inside Busboys and Poets on 14th and V St. NW. How appropriate that Eatonsville was right across the street inspired by another talented author, Zora Neale Hurston.

Now watch me "Yu" crank that soulja and ....

Monday, May 27, 2013

lovely nails

I love Vivian's work and the good things about what she does is that she comes to you, wherever that maybe. She did my nails for the first time in September 2012 at a charity event raising money for AIDS in DC. You can see her work on instagram and her Tumblr page. If you like gel nails and glittery and glamorous nails than get in touch with her. The cool thing about the way she does gel nails is that she actually uses real glitter you could find from a arts and craft store.

right hand

left hand


I am thankful to be a born American citizen because even though I am living a simple life of less is more, my lifestyle is filled with more luxuries than afforded to those in a second or third world war country. Amazing all of the lives that have been lost for paying the cost of protecting freedom for America.

I can remember the beginning of my journey a year ago around this time when I was looking into the Aveda Institute and now I have finally graduated. Right after graduating from the University of the District of Columbia I had to jump right back into a school program, I choose the Aveda Institute and now to the present I finished the the Esthetics program a year later. Of course with the help of Direct Loans and a great grant program dedicated to helping first time home buyers and furthering education. What a journey and than I can countdown to having to pay off my debt. So I remember the start of a new journey and how I am counting down to the big payback. Oh, the circle of life the gift of a cycle that keeps on going. The video below is just some humor and dedicated to the college grads who have loans to pay back and hopefully will not default.

While waiting to learn about less than half of what my journey at The Aveda Institute will be all about I was taking pictures, of myself that is.
Love my color before I decided on a brown hair dye to change it to.  Humidity made my hair frizzy

Thanks to Clarissa for applying the Arosci to my natural kinky hair

To be a student of life, always learning and loving what the lesson taught you will always be a debt that has to be paid off for something greater than one's self. It is cool to always be concerned with the body but the soul is most important and hopefully your soul is at peace.

Later that night at a surprise photo shoot

May all the bodies that are gone and 6 ft. underground rest in peace

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Safe meat

For a beautiful Sunday such as today I decided to go with a taste of the Middle East and I was determined to have some lamb for dinner. I missed out on some grilled lamb last Sunday while at the Greek Festival but now for the first time I tried my hand at cooking it. I already marinated my lamb for a while before I would search some recipes and the perfect one which I choose first was the Lemon & Oregano Lamb Chops from

The way I prepared my food was similar but I did not have Tahini sauce which will be something I have to try next time. How amazing I choose, lemon juice, oregano, some cinnamon, hot sauce, a little salt and pepper to let my lamb shoulders to marinate in before I found such a delightful recipe. Lamb Chops are more juicier that the leaner lamb shoulders. Out of all the meats I believe lamb to be the most safest of meats because of the way they are raised compared to the other meats, you can learn more here. This how you can handle lamb safely and to prevent any cross contamination I found at this page. So my lamb came from a Halal meat market and a Kosher market is safe when purchasing lamb as well. Oh and if you are not convinced or have not known what you been missing, check out this page.

Once the meal is complete it will be served with Jasmine rice, zucchini and squash. Which the lamb is roasted or just before it was put into the oven I added one small chopped onion, two chopped carrots, half of a green bell pepper and less than a half of a yellow bell pepper chopped. My lamb was cooked in Almond Oil as well as the squash and zucchini. Also, to keep up the whole middle eastern dinner going a slice of Pan Challah is served with a serving of  Lemon and Oregano Lamb.

This is my more vegetable infused and spicier version before it was put in the oven and after.

On my plate, dinner is served.
With this safe meat which is famously known as lamb you will be taken on a trip to the Middle East.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Natural diuretics comes from drinking a lot of water and eating foods that have a high water content. Amazing what eating a nice complete bowl of oatmeal can do for cleansing, it has been awhile since I ate oatmeal I must admit and a good thing because my urination is just like water. When a lot of fluids are taken in than that makes urine look more clearer and a good sign, take a look at this webpage to view details. Having a well balanced and healthy diet can help prevent risks to the skin's appearance and bodies functioning. 

The main fruit that falls under this is watermelon which helps flush out toxins. Tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, garlic, lettuce, carrots, oats, beets asparagus and and brussel sprouts. Most of these vegetables help with the break down of waste which effects the kidneys and pancreas.

All the health benefits of getting rid of excess fluid in the body help with weight loss, heart health and lower blood pressure.

A link to describe all the natural diuretics that make a healthy diet.

Here is a list of natural diuretics.

Also, water pills are a good way to treat edema which is the swelling of skin and other organs caused from a buildup of fluid in the tissues. The causes of this can be eating too much salt, yes a sunburn, heart failure, kidney disease and live problems. Releasing the excess fluids and toxins from the body is a necessity.

(All the photos below were not taken or created by me.)

Okay for vegans and vegetarians


Recently this past Wednesday I was blessed with the chance to do a back treatment on a firefighter who had been in service for over twenty years. I gained hands on experience with a skin condition that I have never really seen before. In my Milady textbook I have read about dermatitis and seen pictures but nothing such as this. There was a darker patch of skin right at the center of the spine that appeared leathery just like football skin, literally. After careful exfoliation using a natural scrub and a clay mask to draw out impurities the leathery patch was still there. Besides that spot there was discoloration lower down on the spine which was removed from my treatment. There was a lot of dead skin that needed to be removed and the results of my service was refreshed skin that amazed me. 

This is a before picture and I would love to share a after photo when a second back treatment has been performed. 

The top blemish is a example of neurodermatitis and the second blemish was a build-up of dead skin

This is how skin will look and feel when someone has neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis is also known as Lichen simplex chronicus (LSC) which is chronic itching that causes thick, leathery, brownish skin. All ages, races and sexes can have this skin disorder but it is much more common in middle to older aged adults. You can view the overview of Neurodermatitis by checking this link.

  • It may begin with something that rubs, irritates, or scratches the skin, such as clothing.
  • This causes the person to rub or scratch the affected area. Constant scratching causes the skin to thicken.
  • The thickened skin itches, causing more scratching, causing more thickening.

From all of the listed solutions or medication, the best thing is to moisturize extensively and use a strong astringent such as Sea Breeze and applying a cortisone cream.

I offer a deep exfoliation back treatment that is much more extensive than the normal back treatment, ask about this just email me at

Or find me on twitter @jasloveart

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Youthfully Observed

What a youthful day it has been from the feelings and all the energy in the atmosphere. I feel so passionate about education and especially all that involves today's youth. Even though I consider myself a young adult because that is the type of vibrancy I possess I still am amazed by the "youth" culture of today. There has been a progression in having more sense of freedom through advances in technology and other things allowing teenagers to loose all ties to tradition. 

May marks National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month (NTPPM) which is something I did not know even know existed until this year and my how great to have such a cause to be thankful for. So just all for gaining more approval or attention from the opposite sex or maybe to seem cool teen-aged girls will agree to give up the essence of themselves. It is amazing what young ladies put themselves through and really if they do not know or no one tells them, " I love them". I love all that their mind contains and how much joy they can bring to a man that will ask them to be their wife. In popular culture the boyfriend and girlfriend title is so popular but really all there is on paper "single", "married", "divorced" and "widowed". With all the apparent independence women have gained doing things alone without the benefits of marriage is just socially normal. Maybe more now than ever before women are objectified for one thing and than when sexuality is experienced at a young age their is room left for disease and being a single mother. 

Amazing the events that went on today and this book Unhooked by Laura Sessions Stepp caught my fancy which is appropriate for this month and the greater Washington DC area. This book is very revealing of the reality of youth today that I am thankful for having no involvement in and living up the influence. When one can enjoy themselves fully and have learned to gain more spiritual guidance than their is a certain simplicity to life that gets you off the hook. Youth is and should be more more than what true stories are in this book below.

How amazing that May 1st was a holiday or awareness for the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and you can find out more on this webpage. On May 1, 2013 I was in the Columbia Heights neighborhood at my Zumba class and while waiting for the train a girl handed me this flyer.......

A great program for DC residents who want to receive a High School Diploma at a Charter School located in the Columbia Heights 14th Street area.

Oh, how to be as optimistic as the youth and maturely grow to be wise?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be with Meditation

Looking to clear out unnecessary train of thoughts or bad vibrations and energy that you can interpret than make sure you relax and meditate along to this. What a difference meditation makes when relieving imaginary stress to inhale and exhale good vibrations.

Art of Wellness

There are so many health benefits of art to the well being of people and the communities we live in. Being able to express one's self is very important and what better way than art, which is natural because the subconscious mind is able to flow freely. Art comes from the thoughts and the hidden interpretations of someone's viewpoints. There would not be the word Earth without "art" and how appropriate because art gives more meaning or just makes life fulfilling.

I was able to take a look at a well seasoned artist, Stan Squirewell working on his mural project for the Unity Health Care clinic in NE DC. What a difference the mural painting has made to the children's waiting area in the Minnesota Avenue location making the buildings interior much brighter. This project was completed on May 18, 2013 and you can see more of Mr. Squirewell work at his webpage. 

The first time I took a look at the mural I just wanted to see what it was all about, and ended up being inspired after leaving. Browsed the local beauty supply store and decided I would get creative for my next hairstyle and met a recent graduate named Sir Justin whose locks were kind of my inspiration. My attempt was sufficient but I did not have the patience to make small parts and have my locks layered.

What a "whimsical' Saturday it was when I went to pay a visit and the second time was to pay my respects because I had to help with the painting. As a artist you are a creator and how you envision the outcome that is what will be and if I was the artist in charge of the mural than how I wanted things to look would be different. With art there comes a type of freedom that nothing else offers that I know of which makes for great healing and pleasure.

To view more about what Unity Health Care clinics are up to you can go here.

Oh, I just love Whimsical and Wellness Wednesdays.

Whimsical manicure that is not my photo.

A soft blue tone with confetti

love this polish....whimsical on my toes.

Roller Coaster of Love...on a whim

Stan and his brother painting finishing touches to mural in children's waiting area